Analytics and Measurement

A marketing campaign built on hopes and guesswork is likely to fail. It’s impossible to know what’s working and what needs to improve if you don’t have measurements and customer information to drive your marketing decisions.

Digital marketing data can give you real-time information about your customers’ problems, needs, behaviors and much more, which helps you tailor your message and puts your business in the perfect position to help, but that can only happen if you know where to look. A marketing agency can provide precise analyses and insights that inform every aspect of the marketing strategy, from budget allocation to campaign optimization.

Why Envision?

There’s so much data available, so how do you know that you’re compiling the most valuable information and using it for a competitive edge? At Envision, we have a talented, experienced team that covers consulting, implementation and customization services to help businesses gain insight about their customers and use it to drive smart marketing decisions.

If you’re looking for analytics and consultation help, contact us to speak with an expert about your business challenges and goals.

Expert Analysis

With over a decade of experience, our analytics experts have been at the forefront of analytics and bring a wealth of experience and insight that drives successful business decisions. No matter what kind of data you need for your business, our established track record will prove invaluable to your business.


Data analysis needs to be considered as part of a whole, which is why we assess and implement information from every aspect of the digital environment to refine your marketing efforts and look for areas to improve according to your unique goals. Every industry and business is different, so an in-depth understanding of analytics is necessary to apply raw data in a way that’s appropriate and successful.